Episode 13: Keep Calm And Test On

Ted speaks with Gail Meyer, President Emeritus of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (ICEA) and an educational consultant specializing in college admissions. Before getting into college admissions she spent 17 years as a clinical social worker specializing in working with adolescents and their families. Gail brings all of her education, skill, and passion for helping students achieve their goals to her current career.

Ted asks Gail if she has noticed colleges catering to students today more than they have in the past. She believes colleges are looking to make offers to students whose admission would be beneficial to both the student and the institution. They talk about the importance of self-assessment when a student is looking for the right match in colleges. (2:40)

As they discuss the overlap of working in the mental health field with working in education consulting, Ted and Gail agree that a student’s anxiety can be hugely detrimental to their preparation for college. Gail stresses the importance of listening to, and truly hearing, the students they work with. (5:30)

Gail shares insights on how the college admissions landscape has shifted in the last few years, e.g. financial planning, early decision admission for freshmen, and stauncher competition. Later, she and Ted get into more common misconceptions students and their families have about the admissions process. (13:25)

As Ted puts the Problem of the Day to Gail, they experience some test anxiety of their own. (23:00)

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