Episode 6: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance, Pals

Jordan Schanda, co-founder of ScholarPrep, joins Ted to discuss when and how students should begin to prepare for the college application process. ScholarPrep is centered around The Organizer, a tool that helps students set goals, track their progress and organize all of the information they will need for college and scholarship applications. Jordan’s goal is to maximize admissions and scholarships while minimizing stress. (1:15)

Ted and Jordan talk about extracurricular activities; should students choose based on their own interests or are they better off spending time only on what schools are specifically looking for? (8:40)

ScholarPrep encourages students to begin their college preparation in the summer after 8th grade. Ted asks how, at such a young age, a student can identify their goals for higher education and career. Jordan suggests some basic points these students and their parents can think about to get started with planning. (18:30)

Ted asks Jordan the Question of the Day, a wordy math problem from the No Calculator section of the SAT. (27:19)

There are many ways for students and their parents to connect with ScholarPrep; check out their main site, their facebook group, or contact them with questions

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