I really want to review the new College Board app (but I can’t because it’s broken)

The College Board made its new app public—just in time for the PSAT! The coolest feature by far is something called Scan-and-Score.

Here’s how it works: from the app, you take a photo of your SAT/PSAT answer sheet. The answers are uploaded, checked, and a score report is generated. Boom! You’re done.

That’s how it works in theory, anyway. I tried to grade the official PSAT. I tried two different phones, on three different surfaces, with the lights on and off. Each time I got this:

SAT Scan and Score Error

This is what happens every time I scan the first page of a practice PSAT


Hopefully this gets resolved quickly. This is a really cool feature that empowers students and makes grading tests a snap, literally. Hard to give it a review until it’s working, though.

6 thoughts on “I really want to review the new College Board app (but I can’t because it’s broken)

  1. This is an old post, but for those of you having the same issue, the mistake here might be that you didn’t mark the test number.

    • Hey there! You know what, the app is working now. I tried everything when it first came out and nothing worked. It works pretty beautifully now! Maybe to be fair to the College Board I should make another post…

  2. I just got the app and filled out a practice test on paper and did the scan and scoring but when I finish the scanning and it goes to score the test, I get this message: “Scan Processing Error: There was a problem processing your scan. Please try again.” Please help.

    • Gosh, I don’t know what to tell you, man. We ended up building our own graders to handle the College Board tests. I hope you found a solution!

    • Same problem … very frustrating. I even entered the answers manually and got the same error – “Scan Processing Error”. Something is wrong with this app!

  3. I am having the same issues as mentioned before. Neither scanning via camera or manually inputting my answers will give me a grade for my PSAT 1 test. This should be looked into and fixed ASAP!!!

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