Strategies for the Redesigned PSAT

The new SAT (I’m exhausted calling it “the Redesigned SAT”) is more than just a conversation piece–it’s the next test on the calendar. I’m shocked by how many people don’t that the October 14th PSAT will be the brand-new test. It is, and it will be going forward.

The new test is much more than an edit to the old one. In some spots it resembles the ACT. In most senses, it’s a brand new test.

How can students be more successful at this new exam? In a few ways. Ready?

-Know your linear equation. That’s y=mx+b and all of its various permutations. Know how to find a slope, an intercept, the solution to a system, the equation of a parallel line. Know everything you can about equations of a line and you’ll know a good chunk of what you’ll be using on the math section.

-Know quadratics. Quadratic formula, roots, how to find a vertex. Do you know what -b/2a is and why it’s helpful? You want to know.

-Read question stems with extreme precision. Know what’s being asked. You’ll avoid traps and find correct answers quickly.

-Use every word of an answer choice. Answers are often wrong based on just one word. Make them all count.

That’s a taste of what you’re going to need on the PSAT and the SAT. More to come.

One thought on “Strategies for the Redesigned PSAT

  1. Great post!! I just found out recently that ACT tests can be taken sinattrg in 6th grade. Now, unless you have a child who works well above grade level, I think 6th grade ACT testing is a bit much. However, I think sinattrg the testing in 8th grade would be ideal. I wish I would have known prior to now that Austin could have tested last year. He will test this year and can also test again in 10th grade. All testing in 11th & 12th will be reported. I think just the experience of testing, nevermind the score at this point, will be money and time well spent. He is also taking another COMPASS test next month. I had him take one at our local CC last year, as an 8th grader, during a homeschool conference. He’ll do the same this year when we attend. To me it’s just one more way to record his progress and since it’s a free test that makes it all the better! ; )

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