Here are quotes from our past clients.

Both my girls, a senior and a junior, have schedules that don’t allow for an extra minute to spare and Ted clearly proved to be an incredibly effective and productive use of their limited test prep time. He knows the tests inside and out and was able to easily zero in on the work that needed to be done.
Wendi B.

Tutor Ted really knows his stuff and is a superb teacher. He’s also a lot of fun. My son’s scores increased DRAMATICALLY, and I really don’t think it would have happened without Ted.
Jane B.

My two kids have very different strengths and weaknesses in test taking. Tutor Ted’s individualized approach wasted no time in identifying their high – yield areas for improvement. I can’t recommend Tutor Ted highly enough!
Karen H.

All three of our children, all very different learners, used Tutor Ted and we have been so happy. From Ted on down, the team is excellent. It is truly a team approach with the goal of getting your student prepared for the test.
Denise D.

Tutor Ted is amazing. We have used three different tutors and all of them are fantastic! From the first practice ACT, my son’s score went up 5 points! My other children used a different tutoring company and it took them multiple times to raise their scores by that much. My son also uses Tutor Ted for AP Calculus and AP Chemistry and the tutors are very knowledgeable and great at explaining things.
Dara W.

With Tutor Ted studying was never boring. Somehow Ted managed to make two hours of SAT work go by in a flash. He is a great motivator, and I was always eager to complete all my work because I enjoyed our sessions so much. And as a result of working with Ted, my scores went up considerably.
Sammy P.

My son worked with several tutors before we found Tutor Ted. The difference was the rapport our tutor created with my son. Jake actually looked forward to SAT prep instead of dreading it. Run, don’t walk to Tutor Ted!
Maria R.

I highly recommend Tutor Ted for SAT preparation… our tutor improved my child’s SAT score from 1760 to 2170, with an 800 in Math. I didn’t think this possible and both my son and I cried when he received his scores. The tutor provided just the right amount of tutoring, assignments and push.
Gloria V.

We’ve worked with Ted for 4 years and seen practice test and official score improvements consistently. I’ve recommended him to many other parents; even the skeptics and tightwads thank me profusely down the road. Aside from his brilliance, Ted’s greatest asset is the way he relates to his tutees. They see him as a contemporary and friend, someone to emulate, and most important, someone they don’t want to let down. Kids tend to work much harder, enjoy it more, and do much better as a result. I’ve yet to hear a single complaint. If you’re lucky enough to catch Ted when he has available session time, nail it down. None of the corporate tutorials or solo ego cases are in the same league.
Michael C.

Tutor Ted was a phenomenal tutor for my son Alex! He explained every trick on the SAT and improved his score immensely. He also helped him attain an 800 (yes, a perfect score!) on the Math SAT II.
Bonnie C.

Tutor Ted has an incredible ability to connect and communicate with students in a way that they can immediately improve their performance. After only two sessions, our son’s 11th grade English teacher commented on our son’s previously unseen insight and clarity in his writing during an in class analytical essay writing exercise. Although Tutor Ted is often hired to coach kids for SAT Test Preparation, the writing and communication skills he teaches serve his students way beyond the high school years.
Clifton C.

Tutor Ted is the best! My son also said Tutor Ted is the smartest and best teacher and wishes he could teach all of his classes (he went to one of the top prep schools in town). My son improved dramatically and ended up scoring a 35 on the ACT.
Ellen K.

Aside from helping my son to increase his overall ACT score, Tutor Ted also helped him to alter his sense of himself as a student
Jacquelyn F.

We started using Tutor Ted when my oldest needed some SAT prep. We had used another company previously that was very expensive, and we were not satisfied with the results. After using Tutor Ted my sons scores increased dramatically and we were all thrilled. Since then, we have used Tutor Ted for our two other children. All the children are different types of learners and Tutor Ted works with you to match his best tutor for your child. Always pleasant, helpful and available…an outstanding combination. We love Tutor Ted!
Denise D.

We definitely had high expectations going into this but I must say our tutor has exceeded these expectations on every level. His lessons are creative, educational, fun, and most of all tailored to our daughter’s needs.
Terri O.

I did all of my ACT studying through Tutor Ted, and as a result, I got a 34 on my ACT on my first try! That meant I was DONE studying for the ACT by the fall of junior year and could focus on my schoolwork instead. I’m a freshman at my dream school, and I can’t thank Tutor Ted enough for helping me get there.
Will R.

With my tutor, studying was somehow never boring. He is a great motivator and that makes me want to complete all my work
Sammy P.

What makes Tutor Ted great is that they balance a sense of fun with high expectations.
Liese M.

Tutor Ted, without a doubt, has the best test prep tutors anywhere. They genuinely care about their students.
Lisa F.