Episode 1: By Default, This is Entertainment

In an episode of firsts, the premiere edition of Tutor Ted Talks College Admissions features the vocal renderings of Ted and Ryan, a newly minted duet To Be Named Someday Or Possibly Never Spoken of Again. They open with an acapella rendition of the classic Golden Grahams jingle, then seamlessly transition to a Steve Miller Band medley. (1:55)

The guys pit the ACT against the SAT as they discuss whether students should take one or the other, or even both. Factors like answer choice clarity, studyability, and the tests’ susceptibility to an overall prep strategy are compared. (5:53)

Ted shares a few of his own SAT/ACT anecdotes, including the feeling of achieving a perfect score and the time his undercover persona was called out at LA High School. (17:25)

Ryan and Ted consider the competitive aspect of the SAT/ACT as they deliberate who exactly a student is competing against when they take these tests. They suggest ways a test-taker can use this competition to improve his or her own score. (21:45)

The first and second Questions of the Day are from the Writing and Language section of the 7th SAT released by the College Board and Khan Academy. Ted reads all four answer choices from a question, then he and Ryan attempt to pick the correct answer using knowledge of the tendencies of the test-writers, a technique students can learn themselves. (33:25)

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