Episode 10: Looking At College Admission Through Rose-Colored Glasses

Ted takes a field trip to Campbell Hall High School to speak with their director of college counseling, Jennifer Simpson. As a self-proclaimed “recovering life planner,” Jennifer uses her strategist superpowers to help individual students identify and prepare for their best path for after graduation. (0:43)

Jennifer shares some of the biggest misconceptions she encounters regarding the college application and admission processes. She and Ted consider the impact of perception and attitude in the experience. (6:20)

Ted asks Jennifer where she falls on his College Admission Cynicism Spectrum, and whether she believes students should be involved in activities as purely a means to an end. Hear her thoughts on such a singular approach and her impassioned plea for adults to guide their kids along a more inquiry-based path. (17:25)

Jennifer and Ted discuss the growing globalization of higher education. While this movement does create added competition for potential students, it also serves to cultivate environments of diversity and learning. Ted takes a deep dive into the cynicism whirlpool but Jennifer’s optimism pulls him back into more positive waters. (29:33)

For the Problem of the Day, Ted chooses a question from the US History SAT subject test. Jennifer, with an assist from one of her students at Campbell Hall, masterfully handles this issue of 18th century women’s rights. If you don’t have a helpful AP History student of your own, look for clues in the wording of the question to find the correct answer. (46:16)

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