Episode 8: The Helicopter Mom Has Landed

Ted talks with self-professed “helicopter mom” Courtney Jane about her high-achieving children, Jamie and Cece, who were also students of Ted’s test prep program. Jamie just completed his junior year at Harvard and Cece will be starting at Brown in the fall; clearly this mom is doing something right! Courtney discusses what she thinks has made her kids so successful and shares tips on playing the ‘game of strategy’ that is getting into your dream school. (0:50)

Ted asks Courtney how much of her kids’ success is due to their own ambition and hard work and how much can be ascribed to her hands-on style of parenting. She stresses the importance of knowing a particular child’s personality and their innate ability and drive. (8:20)

Courtney and Ted acknowledge the role of good fortune when a student is admitted to an elite college. Nevertheless, there is no substitute for hard work and preparation in the process. (16:30)

Ted asks Courtney to share some of the most common mistakes she sees people make in preparing their child to apply for college. She mentions the involvement of parents, spending time in activities where a kid can shine as an individual, and having an overall strategy to focus on throughout the entire process. (23:14)

The Question of the Day: Ted’s hidden cruel streak inspires him to torture Courtney with an algebra problem from the test. Listen in to see how she fares and if Ted shows any remorse for how he treats his guest 😉 (27:45)

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