I just got booted from the March 5 SAT

I’ve been gearing up to take the March 5 SAT for, oh, about two years now. As you probably know, that date is supposed to be the rollout date for the Redesigned SAT. I’ve been signed up for it now since December. This morning, I get the email that you can see in the image above. It states:

“Dear Test-Taker,
Due to a new test security measure, your registration for the March 5, 2016, administration of the SAT® has been transferred to the administration on May 7, 2016. This change was implemented to ensure that everyone taking the test is doing so for its intended purpose: to apply to and attend a college or university undergraduate program, or to apply for scholarships, financial aid, or other programs that require a college admission test.”

I understand that the College Board wants to prioritize students who are taking the test over test prep experts who want to understand the test better. But why is this message going out just five days before the scheduled test date? I’ve been planning around this test just like my students have. And how will postponing my test date to May “ensure that everyone taking the test is doing so for its intended purpose?” Won’t I still be in violation of that rule two months from now? Anyway, thanks for all the courtesy, College Board.

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