The score gap between male and female SAT takers — h/t Compass Prep

We test prep people tend to be a pretty collegial bunch, which is to say that we tend to support and appreciate our competition. While I don’t support all of our competitors, I definitely respect the approach that Compass takes and have felt that way for a long time. One reason for that is the level of commitment they show to the practice of college admissions. I read (and enjoy) their blog posts frequently. I’m sharing this one publicly because it is a barn-burner…

In it, Art Sawyer, founder of Compass, points out that the gap between scores of male and female SAT test takers has widened, not narrowed, since the new test was introduced. That is big news—and bad news—for a test that whose redesign was intended to make test fairer to all students. Take a read and see what you think. I would love to hear how David Coleman (CEO of College Board) responds. For all their talk of transparency, the College Board has made very little information about the new test public (can I have a percentile curve PLEEEEEASE?). Here’s hoping they have to speak up about this issue—and make some more data public along the way.

Link: How the New SAT has Disadvantaged Female Testers

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