Spend your summer getting smarter… and improving your SAT/ACT scores!

We get this question a lot at this time of year: what can we do to improve our test scores over the summer?

The answer: a lot! Here are self-study recommendations that will make a big difference when you take a real SAT or ACT.


#1: Learn grammar.

Yep—all of it!

That’s easier than it sounds.

Schools don’t really teach grammar anymore. But since it’s on both SAT and ACT, you have to know it. There’s no better time to learn grammar than over the summer while you don’t have six other subjects competing for your interest. Learn the rules, lock them away, and have them ready to deploy in the fall.

One place to learn all this stuff is our online course, right at https://learn.tutorted.com. You might be surprised how painless it is.

Side benefit of actually learning grammar? You’ll know how to use a comma for the rest of your life.



#2: Read.

Not-fun Fact: If you don’t read over the summer, did you know that your reading skill will actually go down?

Guess what happens if you do read? Yeah, your reading grade level will go up.

That’s what we want to happen.

Reverse the trend and pick up a book! The key is to pick books that you actually want to read, not books that you just hope will make you smarter.

Check out Tutor Ted’s Summer Reading List for some recommendations. It’s full of books that accomplish both tasks—entertaining you and making you smarter—at the same time.



#3: Build your skills.

If you’re going into 11th grade, this is important: you want to do enough practice material—SAT, ACT, or both—that you find out what you need to know and learn it. This is the time to patch up your math knowledge, to find the topics (Probability? Percent? Matrices?) that you don’t have locked down. Learn that stuff now while you have the time and brain space available.

I sound like a broken record here, but our online course is an awesome place to do that work. https://learn.tutorted.com. Look, I wouldn’t pitch it if I didn’t think it could make a big difference!

If you have more specific questions, know that Tutor Ted is ready and able to work with you. Just reach out to Uma Incrocci, our trusty test prep advisor, to talk about your needs and how to meet them! 310-600-9595, or [email protected].


Cheers to a productive summer!






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