Episode 12: You’re Getting Very, Very Sleepy/Good At Writing College Essays…

Ted introduces Ethan Sawyer, the “College Essay Guy,” a nationally recognized college essay expert. Ethan has a degree from Northwestern in screenwriting and English, an MFA from UC Irvine, two certificates in college counseling and one in hypnotherapy. He utilizes all of this extensive education, as well as his own core values of connection and community, to help students uncover their potential and achieve their dreams.  (0:50)

Ted asks Ethan about hypnotherapy and how it can help people who are struggling to construct their college essays. Ethan describes his technique and some of the amazing results that have come from this novel approach. (8:40)

The guys discuss that dreaded question: What is Your Story? Such a vague and open-ended phrase does little to stimulate one’s creativity, not to mention the reductive nature of such a query. Not to worry! Ted and Ethan have tips on thinking about this a bit differently so you can construct a successful and meaningful narrative. (13:15)

Ethan talks about his process with students and the journey of self-discovery they need to take to take to get that perfect college essay. In the process, he challenges them to identify and overcome blocks and inspires them to stay true to themselves and their values. (15:00)

Find out more about Ethan’s approach in Episode 13, where he’ll join Ted again and they’ll disclose the 4 qualities an essay needs to have to be successful. Also in the next episode, he puts Ted on the spot by asking him to go through the process that a student would while working with Ethan. (20:25)

The College Essay Guy offers a range of services, from his own podcast and free materials on his website, to live online courses, boot camps, and one-on-one sessions. He has a pay-what-you-can online course beginning in September that you can sign up for now. Check out his site and come back to hear more from Ethan and Ted in Episode 13. (25:24)

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