Episode 3: Decisions, Decisions

Episode 3 features guest Jacob Osborne, the newest member of the Tutor Ted test prep family. Jacob is a 2016 Yale graduate, actor and comedian in Los Angeles, and lifelong fan of JJ Redick. Ted asks him about growing up in a tiny town in Vermont, the pressure he might have felt from having parents that are both Ivy-league graduates, and his top-5 favorite movies.

Jacob shares the process of how he decided which colleges to apply to and the advice he received when he was feeling overwhelmed by the endless options in front of him. (7:05)

The guys delve into a discussion about the difficult task many students are facing this spring- choosing which college admittance they should accept. Ted acknowledges it is a situation where the outcomes are going to be somewhat unknown, while Jacob describes it as the first adult decision he had to make. They share their own experiences of making this choice, and give advice on what elements to focus on in this process. (19:10)

After accepting admission to Yale, Jacob decided to take a gap year. He spent this time traveling, challenging himself mentally and physically, so he could start his freshman year with more life experience to share. Jacob highly recommends taking a gap year to explore, work, travel, etc, and Ted admits he wishes he had done so himself before starting at Princeton. (34:00)

Episode 3’s Question of the Day is an Inference problem based on a rather melancholy passage. Jacob attempts to find the answer that is better than the other choices; will he make the right decision??

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