Episode 4: Martha Marion’s Mathematic Mnemonics

Ted introduces Martha Marion: actor, writer, comedian, poet, and longest-tenured tutor at Ted’s company (take that Ryan!) Martha’s tutoring specialty is in translating intimidating math problems into more accessible narratives. She and Ted discuss PEMDAS, SOHCAHTOA, and whether or not it’s true that All Sexy Teachers Cook?! (5:00)

Ted and Martha discuss the plausibility of using a mathematical or scientific approach on the Reading section of the test. They agree that you, as the test taker, have two jobs when confronting the SAT/ACT. (19:30)

To illustrate his theory that there is a test-taking strategy out there for everyone, Ted shares a story about the lowest-scoring student he’s ever tutored. This client scored lower by answering all the math questions than he would have if he had left the answers blank. Even in this challenging case, a strategy was devised that nearly doubled the student’s score. (28:00)

In honor of Marion’s visit, the Question of the Day is a math problem featuring Combinations and Permutations.  (29:23)

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