Episode 5: Gimme Shelter(ed Assets)

Chelsea Watkins, founder and CEO of College Application Training, joins Ted for a conversation about how families can handle the staggering cost of college. College Application Training provides guidance with creating a stellar college application and assistance in filling out a FAFSA. Ultimately, they create a customized college funding plan and overall financial strategy for each family. Contact Chelsea for a free hour-long evaluation to see if she can help you. (0:50)

Ted admits he has never filled out a FAFSA before; Ted’s parents, perhaps knowing their son best, always completed the paperwork for him. Chelsea shares the basics of the process and also gives tips and tricks for families. They agree, however, that this step is important enough to bring in a professional if possible.  (4:36)

The CSS profile form, required by some upper-tier schools, takes into account some assets that the FAFSA does not. Chelsea explains these holdings and who they might impact, then recommends steps for the people in this predicament. (14:15)

Retirement plan balances, non-qualified annuities, and permanent life insurance policies are sheltered assets that can be beneficial for many families preparing to apply for aid. Learn more about sheltered assets and find out which top-ranked school is asking about one in particular. (20:49)

Ted surprises Chelsea with the Question of the Day! She’s a great sport and, as a former teacher for The Princeton Review herself, she rocks this one from a past SAT. (35:29)

Last but not least, Chelsea puts Ted on the spot and forces him to choose- SAT or ACT?? Which will it be….(42:00)

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